A modern enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation


Independent research and development of a new generation of environmental protection polymer additives, the technology is ahead of domestic peers, reaches the quality and stability of international well-known brands, and is highly praised by customers.


China's leading supplier of special additives provides a series of unique brand products for customers in powder coating industry


    Source manufacturer quality assurance


    Professional technical team worry free after sales


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    Support customized installation worry free

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      Innovative products

      Patner's adhesion enhancer, water boiling agent, salt spray agent, high temperature additive, anti yellowing agent, surface modification additive, rheological modification additive and dispersant provide effective solutions for powder coating manufacturers to meet a variety of product performance and production standards. It is also important that patner's technical service team has rich experience and can provide valuable technical guidance to customers. In addition, patner can provide comprehensive development and testing work to provide reliable performance and product efficiency.
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      Trusted supplier

      Patner's technical team maintains long-term cooperation with customers, jointly develops personalized products, accumulates rich knowledge and experience, and provides customers with effective solutions. Patner not only provides excellent products, but also ensures reliable production technology requirements. From product applicability to timely delivery, patner's logistics network provides high-quality distribution and services.


Suzhou Partner Pro-environment New Material Co., Ltd

Suzhou Partner Pro-environment New Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 and located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a modern enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production and operation. As a leading supplier of special additives in China, we have provided a series of unique brand products for customers in the powder coating industry. With the recognition and support of customers, we expanded our scale, established Yancheng Patna New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020, and will be consistent with the company The business philosophy of "not only for customer development, but also with our customers" will go hand in hand with you to create the future. We look forward to your challenge and trust to customize the most ideal solution for you.

    1. Safety and environmental protection

      For us, employee safety and health is the code of conduct of the company, and green environmental protection and sustainable development are our unshirkable responsibilities.
    1. Management and responsibility

      Every member of the team is very important. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of an effective organization. The enthusiastic participation of all members is the source of patner is continuous improvemen
    1. Quality and service

      We firmly believe that quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and sincere service is the guarantee of value and dignity.


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